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Elevate Your Special Occasion with GoldOne

Looking to make your special moments absolutely unforgettable?
Special occasions like wedding, honeymoon, proposal, milestone birthday party,

anniversary or any matter that is worth celebrating is coming?
Look no further!

Book your stay with GoldOne for your next celebration and add a touch of glamour and opulence to your special day!

How: Let us know on the comment on our website when booking

and we will arrange a free consulting session with you to learn

how to cater for your very special occasion.

- Free consulting, Customised service with charge

- Each event is different and
therefore it will be helpful if you let us know what your budget is.

Book with us and turn your special occasion into a golden memory!

[24 Hour Enquiry]

Tel. +82(0)64 801 5000

WhatsApp. +82(0)10 2199 3360 (Messages only)

Email. info@goldonehotel.com