Corporate Ethics

HOMECorporate Ethics

Corpoarte Ethics

Responsibilities of all Employees To conduct all the GoldOne Hotel & Suites’ business with integrity, honesty and with professionalism in order to protect the interest and reputation of the GoldOne Hotel & Suites.
To build, foster and maintain the positive relationships while conducting GoldOne Hotel & Suites business with the customers, suppliers and fellow colleagues.
To comply at all times with the legal requirements, GoldOne Hotel & Suites’ policies and procedures.
To avoid any activities at all times that may lead and/or involve in any practices that are against the legal requirements and/or do any harm to the GoldOne Hotel & Suites and put the GoldOne Hotel & Suites’ image or reputation at harm.
GoldOne Hotel & Suites has a zero tolerance against bribery.
To avoid any activities that may conflict the interest of the GoldOne Hotel & Suites and put your ability and judgement into question.
Disciplinary actions, including termination, will be taken against any violators who commit any acts of theft or fraud.
To ensure GoldOne Hotel & Suites’ confidential information and that of its business partners are well protected and the proper use of the GoldOne Hotel & Suites’ assets. Data privacy laws must be complied with in the storage and use of the guest data.
To protect at all times, the confidentiality of price sensitive information which has not been disclosed to the public and could affect the GoldOne Hotel & Suites’ business.
To report to the GoldOne Hotel & Suites promptly in the event when the employee’s actions are found to be against the law, ethical principles or GoldOne Hotel & Suites policies, and to cooperate fully in any audit, inquiry, review or investigation by the GoldOne Hotel & Suites.

Responsibilities of all Employees In the event when you are made aware of any possible infringement of the standards set out in this policy, you must disclose the facts promptly to your line manager, your HR representative or General Manager of your hotel, who will ensure the matter is investigated and the appropriate action is taken place. A report can be made outside your line management in the event if you feel your concern will not be taken seriously, or because it involves your work place.

Sustainability Our Hotel is deeply committed to providing sustainable luxury. Here, you will find some of our best practices for reducing the carbon footprint of our operations.