HOMEReviews Reviews

I was so happy to see the sea in the pool
I was taking a rest because I was tired of swimming. I saw the menu next to it, so I was hungry. But there were more menus than I thought. I was thinking about what to eat and saw a lobster, so I ordered a lobster dish. Wow, I was lost for words when I saw it at first. I was thinking of lobster only because it was a lobster, but they gave me crabs, too? I ate everything without saying a word because I was drowning in seafood. There was a sauce, but it was different. I get bitten when I eat a lot of seafood, but I think I ate it all because of the sauce. I feel like I've enjoyed the cocktail perfectly. Next time, I'm going to try the lobster dish and other menus. I think I have to take the whole family to eat the ink-beef burger, rozepasta, and steak!! I was so happy to see the sea in the pool.^^