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beautiful Whirlpool in the room, and an outdoor hot water pool
It's a very nice, spacious room with a very comfortable, really big bed. The Whirlpool bath is great, of course. It also has views from the balcony (we were on the 4th/5th floor). The location is very nice, but only if you're renting a car. It's close to the sea (no beach), and doesn't directly touch the main road (sometimes the sound of the sea can be heard). It's a short walk to the next bus stop. There are a few restaurants nearby, and the hotel has one (I ate there once and it tasted really good). And there's a small 'supermarket'. The staff is very friendly and helpful! We were able to move to another room because there was something wrong with our room and it was possible! The outdoor hot water pool was great and it wasn't very crowded during our stay. It's close to a hiking trail, but we have a 'secret garden' that we really recommend! It goes down to the sea via citrus gardens and palm trees, leading to a fishing village. Overall, a good hotel for us had cars (with plenty of parking) and we were able to get to all our chosen destinations and relax in the hot tub/swimming pool after a busy day.
Good facilities, beautiful Whirlpool in the room, and an outdoor hot water pool