HOMEReview 최근리뷰

Must Go! Go Now!!!!!
We stayed 4 nights and loved every single one. Family of 3 with a 5 year old.
If you don’t want to read the whole post: this place looks like the pictures. Staff was kind, everyone spoke English and went above and beyond at every request. 10/10 recommend and will stay here next time we come to Jeju.

—Food: Breakfast was really good for the price with so many options I lost count. They served a Korean/Western type of fare and it was good. We did a dinner in the restaurant with the Jeju Black Pork and I was very pleased. Tried the coffee shop and enjoyed our coffee. Portion of coffee was normal, it was what we Americans would call a Starbucks Grande size. My daughter has food allergies so we brought in her food to the dining room and they didn’t seem to mind.

—Kids room: My daughter (5) enjoyed the game room. There is a TV with a couple couches, couple small game tables for older kids and a gated and padded area for baby/toddlers. My daughter loved the tiny trampoline the best. That room is right next to a small workout room that has a glass wall diving them. You can exercise while the kids play. Couple bikes, elliptical, weight bench… enough to make most people happy. There is a bathroom right there and a laundry room. So the mom in me immediately realized I could ride a bike while the wash was going and she played in my eyesight… I really liked that option.

—Pool area: heated and there is a smaller pool area that is about ankle deep for babies and toddlers. The deepest part of the pool was maybe 5-feet deep. The jacuzzi was super nice and you could control it yourself. There was a poolside service for meals and drinks we saw and everyone seemed to enjoy them. They provide towels and they are BIG (not the tiny Asian hand towels). Many people wore the nice robes that are in the room. There were chairs and recliners of every shape and size, there were hammock chairs that swung, there was an enclosed area with different seating (maybe for a party). The entire pool is lined with the fake grass that makes it nice and soft. No choline smell and water tasted a little salty but no chemical smell. There are outside showers for those that don’t want to go back to their room to shower. Our room overlooked the pool and I watched a man and a robot cleaner spend 1-2 hours every morning on the pool and jacuzzi.

—Rooftop/gardens/outside: no one was on the rooftop but it had a large shaded area and an equally large sunny area. If you’re not comfortable by the pool this is a secluded place where you can still enjoy outside. There were beautiful gardens with fountains my daughter loved and they decorated the parking garage (pool area on top of parking garage). The driveway is not too steep and at the top there is a charging station for electric cars. There is a ‘hidden door’ that takes you on a maze around the area with an orange orchard and such, all the way to the beach and back. We didn’t have time but it looked nice.

—Housekeeping: I managed an Assisted Living place before. I look for the dusty lamps, bedbugs and other signs of neglect or just surface cleaning. This place was almost immaculate! No signs of any bugs anywhere— in fact I didn’t even see a mosquito! Turn down service offered, extra of everything we requested with no hesitation, even the kettle was spotless with no hard water or rust stains (Korea is known for their hard water). Lamps and shades clean and working, remote for TV didn’t have anything when I used a Clorox wipe on it. The hotel uses natural products to clean and the tub, shower and toilet looked brand new. They even made up the couch as a bed with an extra comforter in case we needed it.

—Room: the room is awesome. We got the ocean view deluxe king and it looks EXACTLY like the pictures on their website. We all enjoyed the tub and the view as we took a bath. The terrace was my favorite and I could have sat there with my coffee forever. They have something fancy to keep away mosquitoes so I only saw 1-2 flies in our time here. View was to die for and we got full sun in the morning and by 11 we could have all the blinds open and enjoy the sun without the heat. Pillows and comforters are down so a bit soft but the bed was sturdy. They provided us with 4 pillows and 2 couch pillows along with extra comforter and sheets. Air conditioner was doing its best for the high ceiling but never got below 23. Now— it wasn’t a complaint since the room was comfortable at that temperature but we like to sleep cool. Shower pressure was ok— nothing I was impressed about but it worked fine. They provide pretty much all the little essentials you may need and the front desk has more options. More than enough outlet plugs on the desk area. There was a small padded stool and a rolling chair. There was a mini-fridge and a flat area for suitcases. The small couch was firm and comfortable. There was a stain on the seat but it was cleaned so well you almost didn’t see it. I did see 1 bobby-pin on the ground but it was so close to the desk leg the vacuum might have missed it. Nice storage for shoes, extra hangers for clothes, 3 large robes, a drying rack and a safe. Bathroom was nice with the toilet having a bidet. Counter around the sink was large and a large shelf underneath.

—Main floor: there is a ‘reading room’, bathrooms, lounge area next to bar/coffee shop that had seats and couches. Saw books in a few languages and it all had an open floor plan where everything was strategically placed for you to want to sit down and relax. Elevators have the glass so you can enjoy the view on the ride up. Front desk staff was always there to answer questions and I saw them map out an entire trip for another couple, with drive times and how long most people spend at that attraction. When I wanted to know if something was open they would call for me and get a definite answer.

*****Overall impression: we are literally on the other side of the island from the only airport. The bus rides are 1.5-2.5 hours to get here. A car ride is a hour easy. The staff knows that there are other hotels much closer than theirs but all the extra miles they go— that is what will bring people back. They are not a huge hotel (maybe 50 or so rooms) but they are masters at what they do and every member tried to go above and beyond for every little thing. We felt that all our needs were taken care of… even needs we didn’t know we had! 10/10 would stay here again, use all their amenities again and just sit on the terrace and soak in all the Beaty of the island.